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Crystal Beasley on the Right Time to Start Your Own Business

Crystal Beasley was a product designer at Mozilla when she decided to take a sabbatical in Cambodia. Her exposure to the lives of the country's garment workers got her thinking about smarter apparel--not only how to manufacture clothes more ethically, but how to improve the frustrating process of finding something ...more +

5 years ago

Why are we such jerks in comment sections?

Since its earliest days, the internet has been a safe haven for jerks. Anonymous, hate-spouting and troll-faced jerks. Nevermind that it’s completely revolutionized commerce, global communication and self expression—you can’t hear any of that over the jerks’ incessant shouting. While there are bad seeds in every corner of the internet, ...more +

5 years ago

Working to Live in Austin, a City with a Reputation for Sale

Austin is a place with a good rep. Sitcom characters have started moving here regularly. Companies are building offices in Austin so they can attend music festivals and call them “work outings.” The world-famous Alamo Drafthouse cinema is here. The Austin City Limits music festival is here. A new identity is ...more +

5 years ago

Got Questions About UI or UX? We’ve Got Answers, Baby

On March 18th, we gathered at Downstream in Portland to learn more about the evolving career path of an interactive designer. With a billion new smartphones shipping every year, and the demand for app and web experiences growing exponentially, the field has never been more demanding. Thankfully, we had adidas Interaction Designer ...more +

5 years ago

How to Optimize Site Speed, and Why It Matters More Than Ever

It’s important for a website to be fast. This makes sense intuitively, but there's a whole host of research explaining why site speed is critical from a usability and profitability standpoint as well. For instance: 40% of users will abandon a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to ...more +

5 years ago

How to Turn Adversity into Comedy and a Successful Career

Jacki Sturkie is a copywriter, brand strategist and comedian in Portland, OR. She's built her career, in large part, by staring adversity in its ugly face and laughing. She turned a less-than-stellar childhood into the basis for her first book, Sass Mouth, and a wealth of stage material. Not only ...more +

5 years ago

How to Move to Austin and Find Creative Work

Erik Horn, Executive Creative Director and Principal at Arts+Labor, sat down with me to share some advice on how to break into the creative industry in Austin. Despite the more than 100 people who move here everyday, Erik still calls this a “small town.” Word of mouth travels fast around here, so he ...more +

5 years ago

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