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Relocating to Austin Takes Cojones and Connections

During one of my first job interviews in Austin, I was asked, “tell me something unique about yourself.” I responded, “I’m from California!” My interviewer shook his head and replied, “everyone is from California…” Living in Austin for the past eight months, I've met maybe four people who are actually from here. ...more +

5 years ago

Relocate to Portland with Gusto and Panache, Like These Folks

Portland's a small city. Word gets around, and you know what they say--first impressions last a lifetime. If you're planning to move here, you want to hit the ground with your best foot forward. We asked four creative professionals what they learned from the relocating process, and they offered up the ...more +

5 years ago

Advice for Young Women Beginning a Career in Design or Technology

HUB Collective COO Kate Ertmann is a passionate advocate for diversity in the technology space, and spent 14 years directing a team of animators at Animation Dynamics Inc. When it comes to young women entering an often-challenging work environment, I couldn't think of a better person to ask for advice. Her feedback hinges on a common war ...more +

5 years ago

Patrick Long Illustrates Characters Known and Otherwise

Patrick Long is an accomplished illustrator whose work has ended up in feature films, advertisements and on book covers. He's also the artist behind the characters on our homepage. I thought it was high time for us to sit down and see what makes him tick. How did you get started with professional ...more +

5 years ago

Forget Luck. Be Accountable for Your Own Success

I really hate photographs of myself. I am simply better looking than what the camera records. The problem is the lighting, the angle, the focus, the exposure – anything but me. It can’t be me. Such vanity is how many approach evaluating their careers. They blame outside forces rather than ...more +

5 years ago

Survival of the Freelancer – Three Indispensable Tools

Computer? Check. Cell phone? Check. Throw them in a messenger bag, and you’re ready to rock this freelance gig. Well, sort of. If you want to avoid some serious costly mistakes (like not having a written agreement with clients), make more money (by tracking and billing) and avoid disasters like ...more +

5 years ago

How to Look Good (or even Great) When Your Next Employer Googles Your Name

Good news, creatives. Despite the recession being fresh on the minds of the American public, recent research suggests that the job market is looking up for right-brainers. A 2014 global survey of CEOs, creative directors, and managing directors found that problem solving, creativity, and strategic thinking are the three most ...more +

5 years ago

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