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UI, UX and the Evolving Career Path of an Interactive Designer

Interactive design is a booming and rapidly maturing field. Across apps and the web, designers are working to reach the more than one billion new smartphones sold each year, and to scale these experiences for the bevy of devices already in the wild. The two predominant aspects of this process are UI and ...more +

5 years ago

Now Playing: Neil Young – Tonight’s The Night

When I walked into the M+P corporate offices in the fall of 2013, the first thing I noticed was a framed copy of Neil Young’s 1975 LP, Tonight’s The Night. I knew I’d found my home. I’ve been a Neil Young disciple my entire adult life, and am particularly fond ...more +

5 years ago

Why Your Employee Should Be Your Number One Customer

“Tall, non-fat, two pump, no whip, mocha.” The person to whom I gave this order smiled knowingly. “Sure,” she said, writing details on the side of a white cup. “It’s Bart, right?” My nod was accompanied by a big smile. I smile a lot when I go to Starbucks because ...more +

5 years ago

What Should Students Look for in a Coding School?

Whether you're launching a new career, or expanding your skill set, there are a wealth of organizations that can teach you to code. We asked Portland Code School Director Cris Kelly how prospective students should decide between the available options. The takeaways? Look for experienced instructors who know not only ...more +

5 years ago

Now Playing: The Very Best of J.J. Cale (Definitive Edition)

Playing this week in the Creative Party World Headquarters, The Very Best of J.J. Cale. It’s a fitting title as calling this outstanding compilation from one of America’s best, and most underrated, songwriters a “Greatest Hits” collection would be misleading. Cale’s best known “hits” were actually covers performed by other ...more +

5 years ago

Sneakerheads Describe What They Love Most About Their Favorite Pair

Sneakerheads are a rare breed--ravenous fans who evaluate footwear the way foodies do fine dining. Every year, sneaker companies pour countless hours into pushing and refining their designs, all searching for new ways to appeal to these tastemakers. They're a subculture that's about as old as basketball itself. We asked some sneaker connoisseurs to describe their ...more +

6 years ago

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