Explore Austin empowers youth to reach their full potential through mentoring, leadership, and outdoor adventure. 


of our youth appreciate nature
and being outdoors


believe they can make a positive
impact on their community


believe their Mentors believe in them

Our Method

Long-Term Mentoring

Long-Term Mentoring

Explore Austin uses caring and committed Mentors to help Explorers will see beyond societal or cultural limitations, be exposed to different jobs and create a new vision for their own success.



Explore Austin uses nature to teach compassion, humility, and self-care which in turn helps combat depression and anxiety.

Team-Based Adventure

Team-Based Adventure

Explore Austin uses team-based adventure to foster relationship building and build leadership skills.

ACES Framework

ACES Framework

Explore Austin uses a unique model called ACES which stands for Action Oriented, Courageous, Excellent Teammate, Strong Communicator to help Explorers understand the qualities needed to be a leader.

Our Promise

1,300 hours per child per mentor

Explorers begin in the sixth grade and our volunteer Mentors stay with them through high school graduation and beyond into their adult lives. Explore Austin makes a six-year commitment to each child accepted into the program.




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