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We’re Publishing a Zine

Written By Nick Mendez | Jun 9, 2015

Its name is CONTENT. It features articles from The Creative Party, a new comic called Tales from the Water Bowl, and a letter from Steve Potestio himself.

Each issue will be released as a limited, 200-copy run, and distributed in Portland, Austin and Los Angeles.

CONTENT is edited by Nick Mendez, designed by Eric Howes, and made possible by the contributions of talented freelancers.

Issue One

The Donna Drapers – An Interview with Leading Ladies in Austin Advertising
by Page Jensen-Slattengren

I’m Learning to Code, and You Should Too–but That Won’t Make You a Developer
by Nick Mendez

Relocating to Austin Takes Cojones and Connections
by Molly Hitchings

Issue Two

How to Get Over a Job When It Breaks Up With You
by Nick Bachan

Local Fast Food Critic Tackles Portland’s Professional Dress Code
by John Locanthi

The Seeker Part One: Life After Send
by William Reagan

Pitching Your Portfolio: Do’s and Don’ts
by Page Jensen-Slattengren

Issue Three

Writing Funny Copy: Do’s and Don’ts
by Caitlin Kunkel

HR 2.0: Expanding Benefits and Building a Culture of Trust
by Nick Mendez

Be Like Plato–Tips for Finding the Right Mentor
by Bart Cleveland

How to Network When You Don’t Know Anybody in the Room
by Courtney Abud

Issue Four

Portland Design in the 1960s: Marilyn Holsinger
by Melissa Delzio

Helpful Notes from Nick, Vol. 3: Perks & Representation
by Nick Bachan

The Seeker Part Six: All the Right Wrong Answers
by William Reagan

Issue Five

The Cost of Being Creative in Portlandia
by Mahesh Raj Mohan

The Definitive Guide to Working with Non-Millennials
by Page Jensen-Slattengren

Workplace Body Language: Do’s and Don’ts
by Amber L. Carter

Issue Six

Companies (and #Brands) Have a Responsibility to Stand Up to Bigotry
by Courtney Abud

How to Make the Most of Your Phone Interview
by Molly Hitchings

Intro to Filmmaking Part One: Crafting a Story
by Charles Pearce

The Business and Performance Art of Freelancing
by Val Brains

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