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The Meat + Potatoes of M+P

When you think of a staffing agency—if you do at all—a lot of folks think “unnecessary middle man” or cumbersome paperwork. Ugh. Yeah, we get it. We’ve heard all those things too. It’s why we set out to be different.  Our jobs don’t depend on hiring a certain number of ...more +

1 week ago

Ask M+P: Job Hunting

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Welcome to Ask M+P, an advice column for creative professionals (and all professionals!)! Our Marketing Coordinator Jaade has thoughts, but so does our larger team. C’mon, it’ll be fun! (have a question? ask us!) When it comes to the job hunt, how do I optimize my time ...more +

9 months ago

Our Spotify Directory

Are you listening to the same album you’ve had on repeat for six months? That playlist Spotify made you of the stuff you’ve listened to over and over, thus guaranteeing that you keep listening to it over and over? Maybe it’s an old comforting favorite from high school, but you ...more +

10 months ago

The Women of M+P

It’s March, which means it’s Women’s History Month in the US. Here’s the thing: there’s a lot to be down about right now when it comes to women and what’s happening to them in this country. They make up about half the population but earn 82% as much as men. ...more +

11 months ago

Shine On

Fluorescent lights hung low overhead, dimly illuminating the hollow staircase Olyvia had come to know so well. An exasperated sigh escaped her lips as she peered up through a curtain of curls to set eyes on the number three. Dropping her head in defeat, she sucked in a deep breath ...more +

12 months ago

When It Comes to Work: Is ChatGPT Helpful or Harmful?

At this point, we’ve all heard of ChatGPT. It’s an AI-based text-generation platform that has the potential to revolutionize the way creatives write content. This artificial intelligence that allows you to type language-based prompts has quickly captured creatives’ attention while also setting off alarm bells. Are bots replacing humans in ...more +

1 year ago

Office Hours | January 19

Our very own Katy Byrtus and Kristen Barleen always strive to empower creatives. Their dedication to supporting job seekers got them thinking about how they could be a better resource for folks looking for work. Thus, Office Hours were born. Their mission is to provide the knowledge and tools needed ...more +

1 year ago