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The Meat + Potatoes of M+P

Written By Kathryn Millhorn | Feb 24, 2024

When you think of a staffing agency—if you do at all—a lot of folks think “unnecessary middle man” or cumbersome paperwork. Ugh. Yeah, we get it. We’ve heard all those things too. It’s why we set out to be different. 

Our jobs don’t depend on hiring a certain number of people per month (see ya later, quotas!). We’re about quality, not quantity. We take the time to get to know who you are and what you want and we only place you at a job if we genuinely believe it’s the right fit. 

If that sounds like the kind of team you want on your side, grab a glass of milk and a toaster strudel (or whatever your snack of choice might be) and read on dear friend… there’s more. 

 Mathys+Potestio (M+P to our friends, which we are by now) is a new kind of staffing agency. One that helps eliminate the are they or aren’t they a real person? and is my resume being sneered at by a bot? woes of 21st century hiring.

In a nutshell, staffing agencies don’t need to suck.

For Creatives, By Creatives 

The American Staffing Association, unlike its much cuter cousin the American Staffordshire Terrier, says that even without buzz and rizz and #hype, “the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry makes a vital contribution to the U.S. economy while servicing businesses across virtually all industries. Staffing provided job and career opportunities for about 16 million employees per year pre-pandemic (13.6 million during the pandemic).”

That’s an impressive number of people who can now exhale and relax, knowing where their next paycheck is coming from. And this is where M+P comes in. We like to say we’re a staffing agency for creatives by creatives who welcome visionaries, idea-ists, and workhorses one and all. Whether you’ve chosen a temporary position or permanent spot, it pays—quite literally—to have M+P on your side so you’re free to work that mental magic.

MBA-types will say that repetition is the mother of learning, but I prefer my axioms from the guy who invented Calvin and Hobbes: repetition is the death of magic. And creative types need all the magic they can get. So when you apply to any of our Creative Party jobs, you’re automatically entered into our sparkly talent database with a flag indicating what kind of opportunities catch your eye. From there, one of our real human eyeballs (well, probably two of them TBH) will look things over and be in touch either way. No ghosting allowed.

There’s More Than One Way M+P Can Help! 

Bosses gotta boss, they just can’t help it. This is great because some of us creative types aren’t great at the managerial parts. Flipping blog posts like pancakes, no problem. Organizing 1099-MISC TIN’s? No, thank you. 

M+P can help you find work or hire workers who’ll handle fast-moving behind-the-scenes things like finance, operations, logistics, human resources, accounting, and so much more. And not just any workers, the RIGHT workers.

Bad fits are lose/lose. It’s estimated that replacing someone costs a business anywhere from half to double that person’s annual salary. Yes, you read that right. This is why all applications received by M+P are anti-algorithm and pro-people. We need you to fill out these boxes, but we’re not here to put you in a box. If you’re the right fit (last box-themed pun, honest), we’ll reach out to talk about who you are, what you’re looking for, and how we can help.

In A Nutshell…(because boxes are so last paragraph)

Time, tech, and fashion may have improved since Ron Howard’s acting debut but applying for jobs is still an angsty process. Hopeful hires buff, polish, organize, re-organize, and finalize their resume and cover letter then send it into a void, hoping the algorithm overlords liked our font choice enough to send it up the food chain. Sometimes you hear back, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes a suspiciously AI-sounding headhunter sends flattering LinkedIn follow-up, other times…….silence.

If you’re sick of the what-ifs that come when job hunting, reach out. We’re happy to help because we’ve all been there. Hell, we’ve even blogged about it. Employment changes are stressful from either side of the big desk, and no one should have to go it alone.

Then sit back, relax, and unwind. If that’s best done with a T-bone and Manhattan, I raise my glass to you. Or walk the dog, make a smoothie, take a recuperative nap, or dance the night away. M+P is on your side.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.