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Mathys+Potestio provides creative staffing and placement services. We’re recruiters but creatives, too. M+P was founded by two creative industry vets who’ve worked as copywriters, designers, project managers, account managers…we’ve even done paste-up. If that doesn’t say how long we’ve been around, maybe our typewriters will.

Jaade Archer

was born and raised in Vancouver, WA, but has also lived in Seattle and New York. They say all roads lead back home and that’s exactly where you’ll find her, although traveling is her true love. When she’s not laughing with family and friends or planning her next trip she enjoys reading, practicing yoga, or rummaging through thrift stores. Her background is in graphic design, writing, and videography (before vlogging was cool). She bought her first car in 2022 and is now a proud owner of a 2006 silver Volvo named Lola.

Kristen Barleen

hails from the (East) Bay Area – she’s a transplant and proud of it! She moved to the PNW in 2005 and never really went back. After a colorful career path, she found herself asking “what do I really enjoy doing?” A consistent theme was helping people: she loves to listen to a good story and find solutions along the way. When she’s not at M+P you can find her making music, going to concerts, making playlists, and spending quality time with friends and family. Her first car was a light blue 1995 Toyota Previa, the family minivan. Man, if those walls could talk!

Anita Beshirs

is a native Mississippian who relocated from Arkansas to San Francisco over two decades ago and never looked back. Her background is in PR, writing, talent management, operations, marketing, and a brief stint owning a dog walking service (because dogs are excellent co-workers). After trying to figure out which career fit best, she realized it was helping other people figure out that same quandary. As a local artist and advocate, she shows her own work locally and nationally, curates at local businesses, and organizes art walks. Her first car was a 1974 Plymouth Valiant with no functioning seat belts. Luckily, she was unharmed after a minor accident without them but the car, sadly, went to car heaven.

Camille Burkett

is a proud SoCal native who will take any opportunity to tell you what she loves about LA. You can usually find her digging through bins of vintage clothes, attempting new recipes, or seeking out obscure horror movies. Her first car was a 1984 Volvo named Willhamina who was the color of the sky on a perfect clear day.

Katy Byrtus

is from all over Oregon, thank you very much. She’s been a social worker and a recruiter, AKA she likes helping people. Usually she’s hanging out with her pup, Charlie, or hanging out with friends; breaking bread, dancing, or playing games. She’s also into boxing, so watch out. Her first car was a manual ’95 VW Passat, which didn’t last long, but her ’90s Camry named Amy saw her through college and the move to Portland.

Tamara Fakhoury

was born in Illinois and raised in Washington. With years as a barista and a marketing assistant before recruiting, she can make you a mean cup of coffee (yes, please). She’s often watching TV (bad or good, Tamara’s not picky), getting paranoid with tales of true crime, catching a show with friends, or traveling wherever the mood takes her. Her first car was a 2004 Ford Explorer passed on from her parents to her brother to her; the brother was kind enough to carve his name into the radio panel for her.

Michelle Holbein

is a Wisconsin native, and although she’s lived a few years in both Pennsylvania and Oregon, she now calls rural upstate New York home. In her free time, you can probably find her in the great outdoors somewhere with her family, or at home working on some DIY project that’s taking way longer than she thought. Her first car was a 1987 Mercury Topaz with a working heater, which was essential to surviving many brutal Wisconsin winters.

Natalie Holzer

hails from the Big Sky state and considers Montana her first love, although living in Oregon for the past 15 years, she now considers it mapped in her heart for good! Her love of creative started with her background as a local film & television talent agent here in Portland.  When she’s not lusting for the sunshine, she can either be found at a happy hour, watching Dateline, or out for a stroll/hike.  Her first car was an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme which made friends with a few city light poles while trying to navigate the mean, snowy streets of Billings, but the heater and tape deck never failed her.

Eric Howes

is a designer and (sort of) developer who enjoys typography, maps, and other forms of data. But there’s stuff like hiking and painting and collecting records that he partakes in, too. A native Michigander, he moved to Oregon, then Idaho, and back to Michigan despite its winter. He bought his first car, a 1985 Pontiac Sunbird, for $200 and the heater worked for awhile.

Angie Kollar

is from Portland but just made a big move to Pittsburgh. When not recruiting, she’s outdoors doing fun things like skiing, kayaking, and camping or indoors trying new foods, treasure hunting, and painting. And she’s got a thing for blue Ford Mustangs; her first car was a 1995, her second a 2007.

Jessica Lewis

is born and raised in Oregon, thank you very much. She’s been in customer service for over a decade, working in everything from hospitality to education to marketing. Her favorite thing to do is travel, but you can catch her tasting wines or spending time with family if she’s home. Her first car was an olive green Jeep Grand Cherokee which sat her taller than the rest: helpful when you’re just 5’3″.

Jordan Livingston

was raised in Ogden, Utah, and has a varied professional background, having worked in journalism, ecommerce, sales, recruiting and education. He loves facilitating relationships and becomes quite excited about any conversation that involves baseball or rock-and-roll trivia. His first truck was a 1984 Mazda pickup. He had to pop the clutch to get it started…but the heater worked.

Jackie Mathys

has been running creative staffing agencies in Portland since the late 90s. Prior to placing creatives, she was one–a freelance copywriter for seven years, and staff writer for POWDER magazine before that. Originally from sunny Southern California, Jackie has called Portland home since 1990. Her first car was a yellow Fiat 128.

Racquel Miller

is from southern California but has lived in Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, and now Washington. Her background is in Human Resources and Operations, largely because she loves connecting with people and learning more about them. You can usually find her scouting authentic Mexican food or doing something outdoors with her family. Her first car was a ’99 Chevy Prism named Pebbles whose AC always worked; what more could an LA girl ask for?

Alex Navarro

isn’t quite a Texas native (he moved from Chicago when he was four), but we won’t hold that against him. He’s spent most of his career in creative recruiting, and can otherwise be found on the golf course or trying a new restaurant. His first car was a 2002 Dodge Ram, passed down from his brother: the highest praise he can give it is that it took him from Point A to Point B.

Colin Perkins

moved to Los Angeles in 2017 from itty bitty Rhode Island (not to be confused with Long Island). You can find him cycling around town, trying funky wines, or on the hunt for his next houseplant. While he’s worked in recruitment for awhile now, his first two jobs – Stop & Shop cashier and restaurant host – bought him a 1997 Audi A4 with 184,000 miles on it. It cost him $1,200 and a 30 rack of beer. Don’t worry, his Dad bought the booze.

Amy Pinto

is from the Bay Area and lived in Denver before landing in Portland. She’s worked in Sales and Marketing, but we’re selfishly pretty pumped she found her way to recruiting. She can usually be found hiking, checking out new restaurants, and making better charcuterie boards than anyone else. Her first car was a 2002 Toyota Corolla that her grandfather gave her at 16. She totaled it in an accident a year and a half later.

Hannah Risser-Sperry

is from Massachusetts and Vermont, and spent some years in France before making her way to Portland. She’s been a nanny, a farmer, a teacher, and a writer. She likes good design, better writing, and Our Lord and Savior PJ Harvey. She dislikes pastels. Her first car was a Toyota Previa, previously used to transport sheep around the family farm. Go ahead, try getting hay out of a car’s cloth interior.

Allison Santiago

was born in the Philippines, raised in North Carolina, but spent her formative years in California. She’s been a marketer and tech recruiter, and can often be found at a museum or a movie theater. When working from home, she’s never far from her trusty chinchilla, Mango. Her first car was a 2012 Prius, which was sadly totaled in 2021.

Molly Setchko

was born and raised in Eugene, OR but has called Portland home for the last decade. You’ll still find her at Autzen Stadium during Duck football season, though! She has a background in special education, talent acquisition, and all things office and admin. She loves a good outdoor adventure or activity, time with her pup, and could survive on wine and cheese. Her first car was a Toyota Camry that would’ve run forever, if only she’d kept it!

Britney Jo Styer

is Chicago-born but was always destined to head south (hello, two first names), and now calls Austin home. With a background in web development and design, she found her passion helping other people find theirs. Her love language is queso but she hates buffalo sauce, and the joy she finds in food led her to founding a cooking club in Austin that’s nearly a decade old! Her first car was a black Ford Explorer that may or may not have had duct tape holding parts of it together.

Janessa Tamez

is from an industrial town in Indiana but currently lays her head in Austin, Texas. When not enjoying local comedians or visiting art museums, she’s drawing or painting at home with the love of her life, Pickles the Pug. Her first car was a 2000 Chevy Malibu with no working AC; once you got the windows down and the highway winds blowing, it wasn’t so bad.

Brett Thacher

has a history of solving client problems as an agency account director, where he and his teams led marketing programs for Fortune 100 companies. Raised in Iowa, he traded his farm roots for the big cities of New York and LA before he settled in Portland. Brett loves camping, hiking, college basketball, live music and impromptu dance parties with his daughter. His first car was a 1981 Datsun 200sx hatchback.

Tom Timmel

is from Rockford, Illinois, but he doesn’t remember it. He grew up in New York and Ohio, spent time in Washington DC and Vermont, and ended up in Alaska for 20+ years. He’s spent time as a business manager, an operations manager, an executive director (interim, but still), and a general manager. His first car was a red 1982 VW Rabbit that had faded to orange, which was sadly destroyed by a deer (RIP) en route to a Dead show. #TommyTimmy


Jordan van Leesten

was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island but now calls sunny Los Angeles home. He’s worked everywhere from construction sites to mayor’s offices, to an Ivy League school before landing in recruiting. Most of the year, he can be found yelling at the TV in support of his beloved New England Patriots or Liverpool; otherwise, he’s traveling or eating in new restaurants or spending too much money on vinyl. His first car was a thick 2000 Buick LeSabre, sadly totaled by a fallen tree during a Christmas snowstorm.

Molly Wiley

is originally from Sacramento, CA and uses the word “hella” without joking. She has a background in graphic communication, web and digital media. Her loves include spicy margs, being outside, and dancing in a studio or her kitchen to entertain her daughter. She also has a passionate affinity for baked goods (need to find the best cookie in Austin? Ask Molly). Her first car was an Acura that died more than it ran, forcing her onto a cruiser bike.