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The Circle of Life, M+P Style

Written By Kathryn Millhorn | Mar 26, 2024

Pretty much everything in life is circular. In school we learn our shapes (that’s an easy one) then about growing cycles (long live the radish seed), seasonal rotation, what-goes-around-comes-around, playground karma, and the riddle of the Sphinx… all cyclical. Don’t even get me started on laundry, grocery shopping, or paying the water bill.

In many ways, so is wading into the workforce. You apply, interview, are hired, then—because the average American works a dozen jobs during their lifetime—circle around again. Once employed, its assignment, hard work, end result, angelic choirs sing, refill your coffee, feed the cat, start your next to-do item.

But it’s not that simple, is it? No two application processes are identical, not all interview panels ask the same questions. At M+P we’re not a static job board, we’re partners every step of the way. And here’s a brief peek at our circle of life, so to speak, when we join you on YOUR journey.

The Meet Cute

You’re a creative type looking for work that lets you spread your wings… great! Whether full- or part-time applicant, maybe you applied for one of our jobs and popped onto the M+P radar that way. Or maybe we spotted you across a crowded LinkedIn forum and our eyes met with shared hope. Wherever our paths first crossed, welcome to being a Candidate. We’re glad you’re here!

The Coffee Connection

(Cue the music because this is our montage scene.)

We LOVE our Candidates and want to learn (pretty much) everything about you. Likes, dislikes, passions, icks, favorite pizza topping, first win-the-lottery purchase, a movie that makes you cry… okay, maybe that’s too far. But at this stage, one of our recruiters will make time for a conversation about your background, goals, history, and M+P aspirations.

Info from your chat is saved for our entire recruitment team because it’s all for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall around here (thank you, Three Musketeers). At this point, an opportunity call could literally come at any minute… well, during business hours; we’ve got chores too. If the right fit is available, we’ll coach you through the hiring process so you can kick some ass during the interview.

You + Me = We at M+P

Now comes the circular part. You’ve worked your magic and wowed us, impressed the client with creativity and dedication, and signed on the M+P dotted line. You now get paid every other week by our back office and the cycle continues. Wow + wow + work = money + health insurance + paid time off ad infinitum. That’s the kind of equation we can all get behind… or in the middle of since there’s no ‘behind’ on a circle… you know what I mean.

Singleton No More

Many creative jobs provide freedom to work from home, on the road, or after hours. They can be your full-time gig or side hustle, egg money, or rainy-day fund. But if you’ve ever filed taxes with a stack of 1099-MISCs or wished you could take a vacation someplace warm or needed an official reference for the Next Big Thing, you know that having a back office is super handy.

And guess what? You’ve got one now! M+P has a cadre of the best back-office staffers ever. They can explain benefits, help request PTO, offer support, and generally make you look and feel super professional. Because in this partnership, win/win is how we roll.

Taking the Plunge

All cycles—and even relationships #TBH—have concludatory pauses (I just made that up) before the next phase begins. Flowers grow and pollinate then die back in winter before starting fresh the next year. Romance either moves on to the next step or lovers part ways with a sigh (of sadness or relief). Even racecar drivers pull in for a pitstop and fresh, I dunno, car bits?

At M+P, it’s hardly that dramatic but equally concludatory. At some point, your current assignment will either wrap up or you’ll be hired as a full-time employee of their company. If the job ends, our recruiters and back office teams are alongside for the inevitable paperwork and nitty-gritty, you sign off, and hearty congratulations all around.

If you’re hired on, additional congratulations peppered with sappy ‘I’ll never forget you’ farewell hugs as you leap aboard a moving train into your bright, shiny future… We mean that! If you find yourself looking for a new placement, for whatever reason, we are happy to lace up our gloves and get in the ring with you for round two, or however many it takes!

And that’s the circle of life, M+P-style.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.