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Advanced Social Media Bootcamp

Written By Hannah Risser-Sperry | May 15, 2019

Today, social media is mission critical for business.

Whether you are a Mom and Pop, Fortune 500 company, consultant or nonprofit, social media has quickly moved from our personal sphere into the business world. Today, social media experts and teams are building social advertising campaigns, integrating Google Analytics into measurement dashboards and devising compelling content strategies to feed their social channels. Are you ready to learn the tricks, tips and techniques businesses are using to build brand and sell more on social?

Topics to be covered include: social media goal setting, Google Analytics social integrations, Facebook Insights deep dive, paid and unpaid social acquisition, social advertising, including Ads Manager, Facebook ad types and ad tracking, building campaign objectives, how to build and test a Facebook ad, content strategy, curation and distribution strategies.

Case studies and live demos will be presented throughout the session and participants will gain hands on knowledge through breakout sessions.

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