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A headless and armless mannequin dressed in a white dress with a tape measure draped over the chest; standing next to a rack of hanging pattern pieces.

Advanced Tech Design Public Workshop

Written By Jaade Archer | Jun 1, 2023

Come and join CLO 3D designers for a 3-day (3 x 4 hours = 12 hours) online advanced training! Through this workshop, you will be able to learn about advanced Tech Design topics and improve your workflows from home, taught our profession 3D designers. Tools and Topics to be covered include Pattern Editing, Measuring & Truing Patterns, 3D Fitting, and Grading Tools.

This workshop is open to individuals and freelancers wanting to learn more about Tech Design within CLO. With virtual guidance, we will cover many tech topics and you will have the opportunity to network with others in the 3D and Fashion Design Community.

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