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Written By Hannah Risser-Sperry | Nov 5, 2018
This course is designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers or anyone who has fluctuating income. The course is structure to help students reframe the purpose of budgeting so that it becomes a useful tool for reaching their personal and business goals. We begin the course by discussing the traditional ways of thinking about budgets as well as our own experiences with budgeting. We then reframe that traditional thinking to move towards a more fun and purposeful use of the tool. Students analyze their own spending habits and their personal lifestyle goals and end the course by creating an action plan to reach those goals through budgeting.

The second half of the course dives deeper into business budgeting. The course begins with a discussion of the things we are told we need to financially prioritize. From there we use reflection techniques to determine which areas are actually most important for each student. Students then use their current revenue and expense data to create personalized timeline based financial plans for prioritizing their limited funds.

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