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Designing for Complex UIs

Written By Hannah Risser-Sperry | Feb 23, 2024

Roll up your sleeves — it’s time to brush up your UX skills! Join Vitaly Friedman, renowned UX designer from the European Parliament and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, for an exciting workshop where we’ll dive into building and refining your UX/UI skills.

In this online workshop, we’ll tackle designing intricate tables, handling complex forms, filters, and search functionalities, creating accessible data visualizations, and crafting better AI experiences while prioritizing inclusive design. You’ll encounter real-life UX challenges and explore practical examples and patterns that you can immediately apply to your projects.

Whether you’re a UX/UI designer, front-end designer, or simply interested in gaining more experience in interface design, this workshop will equip you with a toolbox of techniques and examples of doing things well — in your product, website, desktop app or mobile app, be it a small mobile app or a large enterprise application.

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