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Written By Hannah Risser-Sperry | Nov 5, 2018

DiversityInTech is a monthly diversity and inclusion series aimed at elevating important topics in our community with the objective of having open, honest and authentic conversations and classes that can make a real impact.

African Americans and Hispanics earn just 65% and 61% as much as white workers respectively. Black women typically make 63¢ for every dollar paid to their white male counterparts. For Latinas this figure is only 54¢. While the racial wage gap is a symptom of a larger issue, knowing your worth and being able to effectively and confidently negotiate is a critical skill.

From working with partners and candidates, to navigating your own compensation, negotiation can be a powerful tool in our everyday lives. During this interactive session attendees will explore two key negotiations processes, learn how to manage the emotional dimensions of conflict resolution and become familiar with several key tools of awareness.

*Complimentary cocktails provided.

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