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PDX Design Museum Mornings: Deconstructing Design

Written By Janessa Knodt | Jul 31, 2017

Think backwards through the design and deterioration of functionality with Heidi Schwegler, award-winning artist and Chair of MFA in Applied Craft and Design.


Effective design means functionality, and functionality means use—and lots of it! Paradoxically, for many objects repeated use also means the gradual deterioration of functionality. With each instance of use, the aspects of design that enable the object to fulfill its purpose are progressively worn down and used up, until eventually it becomes useless altogether . No longer able to perform its intended function, the object is thrown away and promptly forgotten.


Heidi Schwegler presents these discarded, post-functional objects—normally so commonplace they are virtually invisible— as brilliantly crafted works of art, challenging her audience to consider the typically overlooked product design.


About Design Museum Mornings: A monthly event series brought to you by Design Museum Portland. These events are meant to inspire you before your day begins and bring you closer to the Design Museum Portland community. Each event will include a short presentation by a local thought-leader, free breakfast, and great people to wake up with.

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