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Written By Hannah Risser-Sperry | Nov 5, 2018
It’s taken you weeks and countless hours to get here. You stand outside a room of potential investors/clients excited and eager to pitch your concept. You get through your presentation only to realize you either lost the attention of the room or your idea didn’t resonate with them. Walking away you reflect, asking yourself: ‘What happened?’ ‘What did I do wrong?’ As it turns out, you most likely were too close to your idea and forgot to address potential concerns in the room.

Whether you’re presenting your work, pitching investors, or simply leading a meeting, the way you tell your story matters. Constructing a good outline and polishing your presentation – from story cadence to body language – makes a difference and lead to positive outcomes. In this class we will talk about ways to structure a story so that the big ideas of your vision are heard by your audience, letting your brilliance shine through.

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