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Squarespace design course flyer

Squarespace Design Course

Written By Jaade Archer | Aug 10, 2022

Learn to design & build Squarespace websites with a good vibes community.

“Hiiii, Puno here! Yep, it’s an online course on making Squarespace websites. I never thought that I could make a living as a specifically Squarespace freelancer, but I was able to make $100K/year and worked 2 hours a day.

Learning how to build a website from start to finish has opened so many doors for me. I’ve been able to help kickstart friends’ businesses, launch brand redesigns, and create a business of my own. I’m gonna get a lil 🌽y here, but Squarespace gave a non-coder (ahem, me) the ability to execute and find my VISHUN 💫. I want to share everything I know in the funnest way possible so let’s do this yah?”

Puno, your instructor

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