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U of O Workshop: Shaping Light with Folded Surfaces

Written By Janessa Knodt | Jun 21, 2017

Explore how surfaces can be manipulated to bounce light in interesting ways.  Simple cuts and folds can create complex patterns of flaps or pockets to catch light.  Self-clasping hooks can pull flexible sheets into saddle forms that juxtapose convex and concave edges. Examine how lighting can transform appearances when capturing photos of work in progress.


Workshop will be lead by UO Architecture Prof. Nancy Cheng and Pro-tempore instructor Marziah Rajabzadeh of ZAAD Studio, who excels in parametric design and digital visualization.  Methods to shape light with folded surfaces were developed through teaching in Australia, Germany, China and the U.S.


They’ll bring the materials, techniques and images of some forms to try.  Just bring your enthusiasm, imagination and openness to new possibilities. For more information see  or contact Nancy Cheng at

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.