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Under the Radar with Bryan B. Butler

Written By | Mar 19, 2019

Under the Radar is a lecture series featuring our local design badasses who are helping put Austin on the map. Come out to discover and celebrate killer design that is taking place in our own backyard. Admission includes one taco ticket and free beer comes with your purchase of an Under the Radar pint glass.

Bryan B. Butler is an independent designer and very nice Midwesterner now based in Austin, TX who lives on a steady diet of Arby’s, Pringles, and mezcal. These will eventually kill him. In the meantime, he enjoys bowling, sad cowboy music, Mel Brooks movies, and driving around to clear his head. After graduating with a BFA in Design and a BA in English from the University of Missouri, he completed a two-and-a-half year run at OneFastBuffalo before becoming his own business entity. Since then he co-founded and co-murdered TypeFight with Drewa Roper, married his wife Danielle, got canned by a tech company, and worked with a bunch of his friends on a buttload of projects for clients such as Airbnb, Tecovas Boots, Big Commerce, Aaron Franklin, SXSW Comedy, GQ, Medici Coffee, Midnight Moon Moonshine, Vista Brewing, and Funsize. He’ll remain an autonomous design dictator until he’s deposed by boredom or lack of funds. He’s gonna re-do his website someday. 

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