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verynice Women’s Design Salon: Resolutions

Written By Hannah Risser-Sperry | Dec 3, 2018

This holiday season we are gathering for a unique Women’s Design Salon experience and casual conversation with our guests, Amy & Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah. What are your goals for 2019? How can we help boost your entrepreneurial spirit? What does being a self-starter look like and how can it apply to us all? This event will inspire you to set your own goals for the new year and find support in taking those next crucial steps! During this event, we’ll dive deeper into this discussion and create meaningful action for 2019.

About our guests:
Amy and Jennifer Hood are twin sisters and the Founding Partners and Creative Directors behind Hoodzpah, a boutique brand identity and design agency based out of Orange County, CA. They’ve branded hundreds of businesses and worked on projects with companies like Google, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Red Bull, and Target. When they’re not branding the pants off the world, the Hoods are designing typefaces (including Palm Canyon Drive and Beale), or managing their goods line of posters, prints and pins called Odds and Sods. Most recently, the Hoods became published authors, releasing their book “Freelance, and Business, and Stuff: A Guide for Creatives” on the the ins and outs of pricing, pitching, getting clients, contracts, and everything in between. Currently you can find the Hoods traveling on their #FABAS Fall Workshop Tour based on the book, which will be stopping through LA in January in conjunction with verynice.

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