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How to Move to Austin and Find Creative Work

Written By Molly Hitchings | Mar 12, 2015

Erik Horn, Executive Creative Director and Principal at Arts+Labor, sat down with me to share some advice on how to break into the creative industry in Austin.

Despite the more than 100 people who move here everyday, Erik still calls this a “small town.” Word of mouth travels fast around here, so he advises a focus on networking. Creative meet ups are very popular in Austin and a great way to meet new people.

It’s important to complete work for local Austin companies as quickly as possible, so that your portfolio stands out among your fellow transplants. To that end, there are a ton of amazing charities in town that would appreciate pro-bono work. Personal projects are also a fantastic resume piece, as it demonstrates that you’re excited about creating outside of earning a paycheck.

Although it’s wise to focus on your creative strengths, building a diverse skill set only makes your application look stronger. Remember, your passions are just as important as your titles.

Erik’s music videos have been showcased on MTV, Fuse,, SXSW and at The Edinburgh International Film Festival.

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