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We Made The Inc. 5000! Again!

Written By Nick Mendez | Aug 30, 2016

Titans of industry that we are, everyone at Mathys+Potestio is extremely proud to have made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America for the second year in a row.

We came in at #939. That’s a few spots lower than last year’s ranking of #878, but it’s equally symmetrical, and that’s pretty cool. It’s cool enough to rank #11 out of Portland-based companies and #14 in the state of Oregon, thanks in part to our growth in Austin and Los Angeles.

We’re also the only creative staffing firm to make the list, a tribute to the incredibly talented professionals we’ve been lucky enough to build relationships with over the years.

Our sincerest congratulations to fellow listees, including Marmoset, ThinkShout, Adpearance, eROI, Manifesto Agency, GRAYBOX, Dealer SpikeRuby ReceptionistsOpus Agency, Smarsh, Yeti Coolers, Loot Crate, and Dollar Shave Club.

Just like last year, we decided to check in with the M and the P in M+P, and see how they’re feeling.

Wow, we did it–we kept growing. How’d you manage?

Mathys: The longer we go, the more I appreciate the partnerships we’ve built from the beginning. Our banker, our CPA, our insurance brokers…they’ve all contributed to our success. Not just by loaning us money or counting our assets or insuring our asses, but by spreading the M+P gospel. Those professional relationships have gotten us through a lot of rough patches.

Potestio: Ask my therapist.

For the second year in a row, our Inc. 5000 ranking is a symmetrical number. Conspiracy?

Potestio: Everything is a conspiracy if you look hard enough.

Mathys: That’s what you get when you pay extra.

Inc. says we’re the 11th fastest growing company based in Portland. What would you like to say to the ten companies that out-grew us?

Potestio: 11 is one louder.

Mathys: May we help you with your creative staffing?

We’re also the only creative staffing company on the list. Say something creative!

Mathys: Something creative.

Potestio: Goo goo g’joob.

We want to continue to push and exceed your expectations of the staffing industry; by offering our employees paid time off and retirement benefits, publishing zines and the writing of self-aware AIs, helping to get out the vote, and crudely animating our employees’ battles with local wildlife.

Most of all, that means staying responsive to your needs. So write us sometime, will ya?

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