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M+P’s Guide to PDX Design Festival

Written By Mathys+Potestio | Sep 28, 2022

At M+P, we love a good design festival. Whether it’s our years of Portland Design Weeks or our newer love, Austin Design Week, we always find a host of reasons to run around town learning new things and meeting new people.

This year is no different, except for the name: Portland Design Festival. It may be a week long, but don’t call it Portland Design Week. This is AIGA’s first time at the helm, and they’re aiming to cover the whole city with events, talks, workshops, and parties. In fact, we’re even hosting one!

As in years past, we want you to know where to find us and what we think will be the hottest ticket in town. Here’s where we’ll be and why:


Hannah Risser-Sperry can be found at We’re Only 60¢ Apart, a letter writing event providing typewriters and postage. Could Hannah write letters on their own time? Sure, but this seems more fun. Plus we all need reminders to slow down and go analog now and then.

Jessica Lewis will be hanging out at Maxwell for Creatives in CPG, a discussion of good professional partnerships. Fun fact: Maxwell works with all the coolest food brands in town, so here’s hoping there are snacks.

Jaade Archer can be spotted chatting the night away at the Creative Entrepreneur Happy Hour, a time for creative freelancers to share their projects and make new connections. Why not spend her evening making new friends and supporting other entrepreneurs? Jaade wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Katy Byrtus will be at Death to UX, learning about the good and bad that “user experience” design has done in the world. Turns out: there’s a lot of good! A lot of bad! Let’s learn about how to do better going forward.

If you’re at dMob, find Tamara Fakhoury. Not only is she a delight to know, she’s also a recruiter on our Bay Area team. Have you been to dMob? They’re pretty fun events, and they happen every month!


You can find Jackie Mathys at Designer to Author. Hear from a band of cool people talking about the world of self-publishing and even create content of your own. Give her a digital wave and let her know we sent you.

Not to toot our own horn (again), but Natalie Holzer will be welcoming you to a Happy Hour at our very own office. Our space will be open for exploring and we’ll all be there to hand you a drink and say hi. Come on by, it’ll be fun!


You will find most of us at the Closing Keynote, and of course we’ll see you at the Closing Party. Just look for the group giggling and having the most fun; you’ve found M+P.

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