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Office Hours | January 19

Written By Jaade Archer | Jan 17, 2023

Our very own Katy Byrtus and Kristen Barleen always strive to empower creatives. Their dedication to supporting job seekers got them thinking about how they could be a better resource for folks looking for work. Thus, Office Hours were born.

Their mission is to provide the knowledge and tools needed to crush a job hunt. While recruiters are a direct link between candidates and potential opportunities, their goal is to be a resource and a guide to help you secure your next gig. Nothing makes us happier than carrying creatives to where they want to be. Can we get a hell yeah?!

We will cheer you on and help out as much as we can, but it ultimately comes down to whether you are the right fit for the role (and if the client likes you as much as we do.) Don’t get us wrong. We’ll bend over backward to set you up for success. How so?

  1. We’ll walk through your resume
  2. Scan over your cover letter
  3. Triple-check that you align with the job description (we like to be thorough)
  4. Present you to the hiring manager in the best possible light

Then it’s on you to rock the socks off the interview. Together, we make a great team.

We might not always have a job for you, but we want to help you secure your shot. During Office Hours, you can expect to discuss topics like optimizing your LinkedIn profile, designing an eye-catching portfolio, and developing your support network. Aside from being graced with our recruiters’ presence, you’ll walk away feeling prepared to tackle whatever the job search throws at you. There’s more where that came from, but we’ll leave the rest to trained professionals.

Katy and Kristen, also known as KB squared, are more than friendly faces. They are industry experts with boots-on-the-ground recruiting experience. They know what they’re talking about and are eager to share that industry knowledge with you. Since they are such wonderful people (seriously, we can’t get enough of them), each attendee will be gifted a downloadable deck with all the information covered in the session. What a deal! We told you they were awesome.

When working with our recruiters, we assure you that you’re our top priority. For creatives, by creatives, that’s how we started, and that’s how we’ll keep doing business.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.