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Our Guide to Austin Design Week 2019

Written By M+P Austin | Oct 22, 2019

Austin Design Week is running from November 4-8 this year, and it promises to be better than ever. We’re always eager for a week’s worth of events that educate and bring the design community together, and that is precisely what this year’s schedule does.

But where will we be, you ask? Just about everywhere…

Molly Wiley, Account Manager & Recruiter

AT&T Design Studio Tour

It’s one thing to care about UX. It’s another to care about it when you’re one of the biggest companies in the world. AT&T’s offerings are seen by millions of people each day, so their Associate Director of UX Design is sure to have seen it all. I’m excited for this one. And maybe I’ll change my phone plan, who knows.

Making Space for Difficult Conversations

We all want to win at work. This event seems great because it’s geared toward any number of ways we can do so: diverse thought, tough conversations, selling projects internally, and of course tackling problems together. All in.

Service Design in Action: How Do You Make Fast-growing Downtowns Friendly for People?

  1. Rocksauce Studios seems like they know what’s up.
  2. Like so many of us, I’m a transplant to this city that I love so much. I care about how it develops and grows not just as a contributor to its growth, but as someone who is making my life here.

Designing for the Gig Economy

“Designing a great and engaging customer experience when you can’t directly control the full user experience from end-to-end” – true of the gig economy, true of recruiting (with less of the “customer” and more of the “candidate,” but the point still stands). Can’t wait for this one.

H-E-B Digital Presents the ADW Closing Event: Designing for Experience

Have you seen this office space? It’s amazing. If you haven’t gone in yet, this is your chance.

Britney Jo Styer,Account Manager & Recruiter // ADW Partnerships Lead

The Zebra Studio Tour

We all love great design. But Zebra is also focused on design ethics, and I can’t wait to see what they’ve put together to challenge us and spark conversation.

Spatial Storytelling: Create Your Own Illustrated Map of Austin

Who doesn’t love a map? M+P certainly does. I love seeing spaces in new and interesting ways, which this workshop basically guarantees.

Design Jam: Creating with Nonprofits

Connecting designers to worthy non-profits? Heck yes.

thirteen23 Studio Tour

I’m excited to tour this beautiful space and hear a bit about their projects. I’ve been following this design studio for awhile and they always take on the coolest stuff.

A Tribe Called Brunch: Back to the Future – Innovative Ecosystem for the World and Beyond

For one thing, it’s brunch. We all love brunch. For another, I love thinking about how to solve problems of the present by looking forward into the future.

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