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Our Guide to Design Week Portland 2019

Written By The Creative Party | Mar 13, 2019

We look forward to Design Week every year up in the Portland office. While there are always a bunch of events on any given week – especially now that Design Portland is year round – it’s incredible to have hundreds of options during one week to look forward to. Mark your calendars, it runs April 6-13!

This year is especially exciting because we’re putting on an event of our own! We’ll have a panel of our own creative recruiters for Ask A Recruiter; bring us all the questions you have about finding, keeping, and leaving jobs and we’ll answer ’em on April 8th at CENTRL Office.

Since we’re taking part this year, we decided to ask our panelists for their picks. Read on and start planning your itinerary!

Dave Couzens: Unparalleled Product Design: Sneaker Scientists
April 7, 11 AM-2 PM FREE
Not only do you get to learn from the best of the best sneaker designers our city has to offer, you’ll also get to make your own shoe prototype (it’ll be out of paper, but still cool!). And it still gets better: you’ll learn about polymer waffles and make your own waffle sole, too. See you there.

Crissy Coleman: Building Brands Through Experience
April 9, 5-7 PM FREE
This is an evening discussing some of my favorite industries: travel, hospitality, food/beverage, and retail… all tied together with design! It’s an evening about human interaction and connection, and how to create meaningful relationships through sensory experiences like music.

Ironically, it is also about how we connect with others on social media, which is the opposite of developing actual human interaction. Plus, there will be live music and delicious food from Il Solito!

Jessica VanderMeer: Future Frontiers: Crossing Boundaries of Innovation, Technology and Design: What does this mean for the future role of designers, makers and brands?
April 9, 5:30-9 PM $45
Take an everyday item like your cell phone, for example. If asked, most people would consider this tech. And it is. But people aren’t taking into consideration the design behind the tech. You look at this item and think “oh, a developer made this,” but the way that it looks and feels and why this button is where it is and why this color is what it is, is influenced by the design team behind the developers.

The intersection of the two teams is a fascinating look into the psychology of how design influences our everyday tech items. I’m interested to hear the perspectives of designers and developers on how this will evolve in the coming years.

Blaire Ottoboni: The Pressure Is Good for You, A Talk Show.
April 12, 8-10 PM $10
Instrument is back again with a lineup of goodies to close out the week. Throw in a comedian or two, a few surprises here and there, and the always inspiring Adam Garcia, and you’ve got yourself a nice little Friday night.

Here’s hoping we see you out and about at all these events and that you come hang out with us on the 8th for Ask A Recruiter!




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