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Potestio Ponders: A Staffing/Recruitment Agency That Doesn’t Post Job Listings?

Written By Steve Potestio | May 17, 2018

Recently, a graphic designer mentioned that they visited my company’s website and didn’t see any job openings. They assumed we didn’t have any because we don’t post open jobs to our site, or anywhere else for that matter.

In fact, we currently have 99 open jobs across three geographical markets. Why don’t we post these jobs to our website so people can apply? Why don’t we make it easy for people?

Because doing so cheapens the process, the individual, the job opportunity. It removes the relationship, the nuance, and the fit.

That’s not how to find fit. It’s almost too easy that way. You end up matching resumes to job descriptions and sure, chances are some of these will be a fit. At M+P we’d rather match people to companies, people to opportunities, all while exploring personality and cultural fit. You can only do that if you sit down and get to know someone.

From time to time, we do post a job on the Internet, or tweet out that we are looking to fill a particular role. We do it when we’d like to reach a larger audience, and to keep our brand out there. But it’s the exception, not the rule, and we will never list our job openings on our website.

So yes, Mathys+Potestio has lots of job opportunities. We usually do. Send us your information and we will see if it makes sense to meet and learn more about each other. Then we can explore fit.

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