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Potestio Ponders: Recruiters (and Management) Need to Do Better

Written By Steve Potestio | Oct 21, 2020

Years ago, I wrote this article about the negative effect the staffing industry can have on people when the industry puts profits over people.

With a slumping economy in many sectors and the need to drive revenue as strong as ever, I am hearing about a lot of bad behavior from recruiters. And in most cases, my assumption is this behavior is driven by pressures from management.

It’s never a good time to cut corners. People looking for work need our support more than ever. Support not just in helping them land jobs, but moral support as well to help keep their spirits and morale as high as possible. Putting people in situations that ultimately undermine the credibility of our industry is not the way to build trust that we have their backs.

So what am I talking about? Recruiters who send resumes to job openings without consulting the candidate first. Recruiters pressuring candidates to consider jobs. Recruiters who send resumes to companies for posted openings without approval from the company. Recruiters not divulging all pertinent information about job opportunities so candidates can make informed decisions. Or worse, hiding negative aspects about a job or company. I’ve witnessed all of these things in my career and have spoken out against these practices before. This shit doesn’t fly at my firm.

They’re always out there, but it seems like these tactics have increased along with the pressure to produce. And I’m really looking at management here. Yes, you want your team to be as successful as possible and to maximize opportunities. But we need to play the long game. Take a step back and remember why you are in this industry.

We’re here for the people, and they need us.

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