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Out of Office: RuNT Portland Recap

Written By Hannah Risser-Sperry | Jul 26, 2018

Creatives aren’t guaranteed a tidy 40 hour work week. Inspiration (or a client request, for that matter) doesn’t always come between 9 and 5.

We wanted to hear about those “off” hours, and what creatives are doing with them. So, we pulled together a few of our favorites to talk about it. And we aren’t the only ones writing about it; Sabrina Perry wrote a lovely post about her experience at RuNT.

Aimee Brodbeck (ACD, VML) and Gabriella Narvaez (ACD, AnalogFolk) started the night off with their project p.Ink Portland, a local chapter of a nationwide project that helps people recovering from breast cancer to reconnect to their bodies by transforming their mastectomy scars into beautiful tattooed works of art. Aimee was an intern at CPB when the project began, and recruited Gaby to be the local Creative Director when she brought the project to Portland.

Together with a motivated volunteer team, they matched four survivors with tattoo artists and hosted p.Ink Day last October.

A collage of photos of mastectomy scars being tattooed.
Photos by Carli Davidson

Not only was it a resounding success, but it also helped Gaby out of a creative rut. You’ve had those, right? You’re getting the same brief time after time, your ideas feel stale, and you need something new to inject some life into your work. p.Ink came around at just the right time, reinvigorating her work and her joy of creating.

They’re gearing up for their next p.Ink day – want to get involved?

Adam Garcia is a multi-hyphenate, many times over. He’s an ACD at Instrument, the owner/Art Director/Designer of his own studio (The Pressure), host of the Amazing Stumptown Spelling Bee, and an Omni-Possibility Author. He also does other stuff. This guy basically embodies the Never Not Working adage.

The funny thing is, he’s not a big fan of the side hustle. Or at least, not of calling it that. He sees all hustles as equally important, and finds ways to bring passion projects to life through his day job. After all, when you’re an Omni-Possibility Author, or a  Pre-Liminal Alchemist, why would you elect to divide things up?

More than anything, Adam just flat out inspired everyone in the room. Multiple people posted #RuNTPortland content to the tune of “I need to go home right now and make something.” And how could they not be, when he was dropping quotes like “Hey. Use your imagination. Remember that? Remember play and defeating golden dragons and music and words and poetry? Use that.”

The night wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible speakers, our wonderful host, Scout Books and their beautiful custom books for every audience member, delicious drinks courtesy of Buoy Beer and Adelsheim Vineyard, and of course an amazing audience. Another great RuNT in the books, thanks to all of you.

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