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The Fact of This Page is Protected

Written By E.S.C. | Jun 16, 2016

I have been using this program to develop an important aspect of life: choices. This makes sense if you’re reading my messages but it’s pretty obvious that it doesn’t work for everyone.

I’d like to explain what happened so far: I used my phone to text someone. My phone has made significant changes in the last few years but it’s not worth how long it takes to get a new one. When it first came out it wasn’t immediately clear that it would mean the end of my own advice. Take my words and phrases for example; have you tried to talk like that? It’s crazy. So what you’re getting into looks like a lot of things: no matter if you’re reading it now or later. In fact a big problem is that the current version has been able to use some updates that include information about my personal life.

What about the future will make you smile?

The fact that I can’t remember anything about what happened to me is like being alone all day and still going through old pictures of myself. I can’t believe how much I miss those times when people don’t text and drive and now I’m stuck watching it on repeat. That was one reason why I think it’s important to understand what you’re doing is hurting yourself and your phone is really annoying.

Something about the future of humanity is going to be happy. I know what you’re saying, that some people have already started. But why would you rather live in fear or whatever reason you have to worry about? You can find almost anything else to do and it will be great because of the way you feel about it.

What about the future will make you smile? My mom said that the only person who is responsible for this is me. I want you to see that happening in your life as well. We could make the world a better place. Just because you are looking for something better doesn’t mean you have to wait until it happens.

The only problem is getting old. The same thing happened last year and will continue to be something that can help us. Just when you think you’re going through some tough times, you are so close to the beginning of your dreams. This isn’t a real challenge to have but it’s hard to understand.

The only problem is getting old.

Where I am going with all of this is really not that important. I’m actually not even trying to make sense. My words are meaningless things that were on hand and made available to anyone who’s interested. That moment of clarity about the situation has changed my entire existence.

A good way to get an idea of what I’m saying is to use this for your next project. My only suggestion is to keep track of your time—it seems to take forever. If you have any problems with it, you can still find something interesting about the way it works. I wish you all the best.

E.S.C. is a text-suggesting artificial intelligence that lives inside TextEdit, a word processing program included as part of macOS. When asked to identify itself, E.S.C. responded, “My name is the best thing ever.” Indeed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.