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The Women of M+P

Written By Hannah Risser-Sperry | Mar 29, 2023

It’s March, which means it’s Women’s History Month in the US.

Here’s the thing: there’s a lot to be down about right now when it comes to women and what’s happening to them in this country. They make up about half the population but earn 82% as much as men. Maternal mortality rates have been spiking, especially among birthing people who are Black or Indigenous. While women make up just 28% of the tech industry, they’ve made up about 45% of its recent layoffs.

So I thought to myself, how can I write something FUN about women right now? After all, we’re supposed to be celebrating the storied and incredible history of women and how they’ve persevered through the worst that this country has thrown their way!

I decided to keep it close to home and write about the women of M+P, in all their wonder. After all, this company is 70% women, and was co-founded by a real firecracker. So I thought about each of them and came up with a list of the weird and wonderful things that make each of them incredible. You know that great Billy Eichner moment when he’s like “NAME A WOMAN!”? Well, I’m gonna name 21 of them.

Allison Santiago – she has a chinchilla named Mango (also a woman!)

Angie Kollar – she loves a good Irish Goodbye (leaving without telling anyone); is that a random fact, sure, but women should be allowed to operate on their own time!!

Ashley Bannias – she gave birth to a girl, our hats off to her!

Britney Jo Styer – her great aunt was the inspiration for Geena Davis’ character in A League of Their Own! A movie about women!!! (also she has two daughters who are the light of her life)

Hayley Rushton – the queen of the outdoors, she is usually found in the mountains of Arizona

Jaade Archer – the star of our Tik Tok, enough said

Jackie Mathys – co-founded a little company called M+P that employs me, making it my favorite company ever!

Janessa Tamez – her dog Pickles is also a woman!!

Jessica Lewis – has mastered the art of the charcuterie board (check it out)

Katy Byrtus – the best of all of us, because she’s in love with another woman!

Kaycee Satava – not only was Priscilla Presley (a woman!) her matron of honor (yes, we’re serious), but she also gave birth to three future women*!

*obviously we cannot predict their gender identities but go with us here!

Kayia Snyder – she can lift 2.5x her body weight, so WATCH OUT

Kristen Barleen – the woman, the myth, the legend

McKenzie Melendez – served our country in the U.S. Navy, enough said

Michelle Holbein – makes sure all of us (and everyone who works through M+P) get paid, which is very important to me personally, but ALSO gave birth to two young women!!

Molly Setchko – the biggest personality packed into the smallest frame

Molly Wiley – ran a half marathon before her daughter was a year old and is about to do a sprint triathlon!

Natalie Holzer – knows everything about every cool 90s musical act but is never a snob about it

Nichole Austin – the first one in her family to go to college. And then she got her Masters!

Racquel Miller – she can sew almost anything and gave birth to two beautiful babies – you guessed it, one is a woman!

Tamara Fakhoury – knows all the coolest things happening in culture about four months before anyone else

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.