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Uh Oh, Am I An Optimist Now?

Written By Hannah Risser-Sperry | Apr 1, 2020

As any one of my colleagues can tell you, I’m not big on positive thinking. I tend toward the negative, the cynical, and the worst case scenario.

But I’ve found a bit of long dormant optimism in the last few weeks because… well, because the alternative doesn’t feel quite as natural as it usually does.

So even though your email doesn’t find me “well,” it does find me alive with food in my pantry and a home to work from and a dog to walk every day. Suddenly, I’m a silver linings person – here’s hoping it’s only temporary.

And just in case you’re also a negative human being, here are the things bringing me hope and/or sanity:

  1. A reduction in pollution
  2. FaceTime-ing with everyone I love
  3. Taking long walks around my neighborhood
  4. Skyping with my therapist
  5. Reading as many books as possible (and leaving out the end of world ones I usually gravitate towards)
  6. A new appreciation for my couch, a truly excellent investment
  7. My medication (to paraphrase the great Ina Garten, “if you can’t make your own neurotransmitters, store bought is fine” [I believe Aminatou Sow said this first, but cannot confirm])
  8. Work (it’s very far down the list, but please don’t take that personally M+P)
  9. All the wonderful videos on the internet

Take your time and be kind to yourself. Take it from a baby optimist who never thought they’d say this, ever: this too shall pass.

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