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World Bad LinkedIn Photo Day—A Timeless American Tradition

Written By Nick Mendez | Jun 12, 2015

Each August, we shock the world by flipping vanity the bird and showing everyone our bad side. Last time around, you all looked atrocious, abhorrent, BAD—but we couldn’t look away.

It’s an annual tradition that’s cozied up alongside not wearing white after labor day, going to the movie theater in the summertime, and avoiding Facebook during election season.

Hall of Champions

2014 – Monica Mo

2015 – Monica Mo

That’s right—Monica Mo has been the baddest two years in a row! When it comes to throwing your professionalism to the curb, she’s undefeated! #MoMoRePeat

Think you can beat her?

Here’s how it works:

  • Upload the worst LinkedIn photo you can muster on the morning of August 11th.
  • This must remain your profile photo for the duration of the day
  • Shoot us a link to your profile on Twitter, Facebook, or via email
  • Check your privacy settings to ensure that everyone sees your new photo! It’s easy
  • No nominations accepted. It’s not “make fun of your unsuspecting co-worker” day
  • No vulgarity, harm to animals, people, kids, billy goats, etc.


The winner will be announced the following week, and receive a spectacular prize package from The Creative Party, including a framed photo of your winning entry. This prize package is truly spectacular, just ask two-time champion, graphic designer Monica Mo:

“M+P framed my photo and told me I was the worst. It now sits atop my toilet so it is the last profound image one sees before tending to his or her doodie.”

Sure, last year was bad, but The Creative Party’s crack team of scientists swears that we can dig deeper, badder, worse. So get your bad side ready for August 11th.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.