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An Update on The Administration

Written By Mathys+Potestio | Jan 10, 2023

We’ve always prided ourselves on being a staffing agency for creatives by creatives®, and we always will. But what you may not know is that we’ve been filling business professional and administrative jobs for clients for a while now. How, you ask? Our division called The Administration!

Back in 2020, we told you about our new offering, The Administration. Don’t believe us? Check out this blog from March 6th (March 2020, what a time…) if you want to jog your memory about our branding and how it came to be. But beautiful visual identity aside, we’re really proud of this brand and its growth over the last few years.

We now have an incredible team in place to help business professionals find great careers. Everything you’ve come to expect from M+P – our commitment to service, our lived experiences that make us subject matter experts, and our guarantee of quality over quantity – all live on in this brand.

So, do you want to meet the team?

Ashley Bannias is our VP of Talent Acquisition and based in Arizona. Her favorite retro office accessory (c’mon, we’ve all got one) is without a doubt the good ol’ stapler. After all, once upon a time we’d print out every single resume and job description, and we needed to keep them together!

Nichole Austin is the Account Director of the team and lives in Arizona, as well. She remembers floppy discs fondly.

Kaycee Satava is our Recruiting Manager and lives in Oregon. She has love for typewriters; when she thinks of a typewriter, she thinks of the movie Misery – very dark.

Christian Linares-Ayala is a Recruiter and don’t ask him where he lives; the world is his oyster! He was in the Air Force before joining our team and loves a good Rolodex.

McKenzie Melendez is a Recruiter and yet another Texan for us to adore. She was in the Navy before joining M+P (and yes, she and Chris have Air Force vs. Navy conversations, don’t get involved), and has a long standing love of chalk and chalkboards.

Hayley Rushton is a Recruiter and YOU GUESSED IT, she lives in Arizona. Her favorite retro office accessory? Those giant printers that needed their own little rooms.

Kayia Snyder is a Recruiter and lives in Oregon. She loves paper clips, even if everything is digital nowadays.

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