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How Does Creative Staffing Work?

Written By Nick Mendez | Jul 16, 2015

If you haven’t worked with a staffing agency before, never mind one focused strictly on creative positions, the process might be shrouded in a certain amount of mystery. Where does your application go, when will you hear back, and how do we determine who’s the right fit for each job?

So we hopped on camera and described, step by step, just how this business works.

The Creative Party is built for creative professionals, by creative professionals.

It boils down to three key ingredients: talented creative professionals, opportunities with our clients, and carefully matching the two.

We do that by taking time to understand not just each candidate’s professional background, but their career growth objectives, and what gets them excited to go to work everyday.

Staffing has unfortunately, and rightfully, earned a reputation as a business that churns through talent without concern for their long term goals. At M+P, we try to turn that expectation on its head by prioritizing relationships.

Maybe we can’t do business together right away, in the next few months or even the next few years, but we aim to be a resource and ally to the creative professionals who contact us throughout their career trajectory, so that when our services can be useful, there’s a record of trust.

The Creative Party is built for creative professionals, by creative professionals. Our experience in the field lends us a better understanding of what you can expect out there, and how to best position your skill set.

Our clients contact us with a specific need—they want to hire someone who can help their business right away, and contribute positively to their company’s culture. That comes down to knowing our clients’ creative processes, our candidate’s portfolios, and the best methods for building a positive work environment.

We love working here because we have a real stake in the success of our talent and clients alike. We’ve known them for years, watched their careers and businesses blossom—so when we make the right placement, it’s a win for everybody.

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