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Imposter Syndrome: Counterpoint

I suspect you already know me, but just in case: I’m that voice in your head that helps you to recognize your shortcomings. You probably know me best from work – you wouldn’t believe how many meetings I’m in every week – but whatever the frequency of our interactions, I ...more +

2 years ago

Tips For Starting an Illustration Career

One of my favorite things about illustration is that I get to learn SO MUCH every day as a freelancer, which is exciting, fulfilling, and sometimes overwhelming. I like to make lists and collect resources, so I’ve been taking note of all the things I’ve learned as an illustrator and ...more +

2 years ago

Bring It

Unsolicited advice for those interested in the creative industry. Sometimes a friend will ask me to meet their acquaintance for coffee so I can share my insights on working in Marketing. I doubt I’m the most qualified person for these conversations, but I’m likely the most enthusiastic. Before I became ...more +

2 years ago

Zoom Book Club Is Workplace Culture Unchecked

The following is based entirely on my perspective. I do not ground my ideas in fact or reality. Instead I offer discordant thoughts vague enough to be inoffensive while also specific enough to make it seem like I’ve read a lot more than you. From here on out, I will ...more +

2 years ago

How to Stay Connected to Your Network While Working From Home

A former coworker popped into my head the other day. We last connected over a quick video call in December. I was leaving the company at the end of the month and, as colleagues who had spent very many Microsoft Teams calls — and before 2020, very many cross-building meetings ...more +

2 years ago

Pandemic Concert Posters

It started with empty telephone poles. Like so many of us over the last fifteen months, I was doing my daily walks and runs in close proximity to my home. We were all nervous about catching a virus or unwittingly already having it and foisting it on someone else. It’s ...more +

2 years ago

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