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Make Bad Art

You know the feeling when you open up an old sketchbook or find a really old piece of art you made and think "wow, I thought this was a masterpiece when I made it. It's so bad!" Most of us have experienced that feeling before, and it turns out, it's ...more +

2 years ago

The Crossword is My Grad School

“I should have NEVER gotten my PhD!” she screamed over Olivia Rodrigo while fumbling a red solo cup to its tipping point. “This is the most stressed I’ve EVER been in my ENTIRE life!” “Oh, that’s SO interesting!” I screamed over Olivia Rodrigo. “Why did you do it, then?” Silence. ...more +

2 years ago

Using Human Design to Find Work That Fulfills You

Back in 2010, I took one of those professional assessment tests designed to highlight my strengths, my weaknesses, and what I could contribute to a team. It was part of an interview process, included more than 100 questions, and provided me (and my potential employer) with a 30+ page report ...more +

2 years ago

Ask M+P: Video On?

You've got questions, we've got answers. Welcome to Ask M+P, an advice column for creative professionals (and all professionals!)! Our Content Strategist Hannah has thoughts, but so does our larger team. C'mon, it'll be fun! (have a question? ask us!) "What are your thoughts on Video On/Off for Zoom/Teams calls? ...more +

2 years ago

New Year, Same You

Hello, it is the first week of January. Have you failed yet? Our society sets New Year’s Day as some sort of fresh page; a reboot, a new leaf to turn over, a clean slate. However you think of it, it’s apparently when you can begin anew. That is, until ...more +

2 years ago

Imposter Syndrome: Counterpoint

I suspect you already know me, but just in case: I’m that voice in your head that helps you to recognize your shortcomings. You probably know me best from work – you wouldn’t believe how many meetings I’m in every week – but whatever the frequency of our interactions, I ...more +

3 years ago

Tips For Starting an Illustration Career

One of my favorite things about illustration is that I get to learn SO MUCH every day as a freelancer, which is exciting, fulfilling, and sometimes overwhelming. I like to make lists and collect resources, so I’ve been taking note of all the things I’ve learned as an illustrator and ...more +

3 years ago

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