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Creative Briefs #9: TBD

Haley opened the new project request, but saw so much white space that she mistook it for the blank template and immediately closed it. “Hey Paul,” Lois said a minute later, “Can we add a minimum-character requirement on the online form? Why even have all those fields if this is ...more +

2 years ago

Out of Office: RuNT Recap

Another RuNT Austin has come and gone, but this time, we had wine! Our amazing sponsors this event included Infinite Monkey Theorem wine, Via313 pizza, and Brew & Brew, the greatest host in town. Sipping on beverages and snacking on pizza allowed for the perfect setting to learn about the ...more +

2 years ago

Dating Normals

Cindy arrived in an Uber. She thanked the driver, stepped onto the sidewalk with her right foot, not her left. She had inherited a new superstition. A character in a book did it once so now she had to do it too. Such was another consequence of bearing a creative ...more +

2 years ago

Answering Existentialism With Logistics: 3 Learnings

As Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York once said, “Opinions are like assholes. We all have them.” I have to say (and it’s not the first time), I side with Bethenny! Picture this: you’re standing in a corner at a holiday party. You’re chewing a huge piece ...more +

2 years ago

We Made the Inc. 5000… Again!

It’s nice to be back on this amazing list. For the last 9 years, there has been one constant theme with M+P (aside from Happy Hours): growth. We grew a lot, Inc. Magazine noticed, and they once again put us on their America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies list, aka the Inc. ...more +

2 years ago

Money Talks. So Should You.

In 1998, Lilly Ledbetter was 60 years old and nearing retirement after spending many successful years as one of the first women in management at the Goodyear tire factory. The job had been a dream come true; a welcome addition to an already full life with her husband and two ...more +

2 years ago

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