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Unsolicited advice for those interested in the creative industry. Sometimes a friend will ask me to meet their acquaintance for coffee so I can share my insights on working in Marketing. I doubt I’m the most qualified person for these conversations, but I’m likely the most enthusiastic. Before I became ...more +

3 years ago

Zoom Book Club Is Workplace Culture Unchecked

The following is based entirely on my perspective. I do not ground my ideas in fact or reality. Instead I offer discordant thoughts vague enough to be inoffensive while also specific enough to make it seem like I’ve read a lot more than you. From here on out, I will ...more +

3 years ago

How to Stay Connected to Your Network While Working From Home

A former coworker popped into my head the other day. We last connected over a quick video call in December. I was leaving the company at the end of the month and, as colleagues who had spent very many Microsoft Teams calls — and before 2020, very many cross-building meetings ...more +

3 years ago

Pandemic Concert Posters

It started with empty telephone poles. Like so many of us over the last fifteen months, I was doing my daily walks and runs in close proximity to my home. We were all nervous about catching a virus or unwittingly already having it and foisting it on someone else. It’s ...more +

3 years ago

Year 0 vs Year 3 as a Product Designer – A Retrospective

This piece originally appeared here. It has been lightly edited for our site. Okay, a little backstory: Nearly three years after its creation, I made a conscious decision to revisit one my first projects in the product design industry. Well, to put it shortly, it was... horrendous. It resembled the ...more +

3 years ago

My Only Idea Is to Drop Everything and Open a Bakery

“Any ideas?” you ask. No, not really. The main thing that keeps coming to mind is to drop everything and open a bakery. I’ll think further on your ask, though. Oh, have you ever piped an almond croissant with pink cream cheese frosting? That’s an ask I have for you. ...more +

3 years ago

Who Is The Plant Mentor You Need? 

In the great garden of life, I've been blessed with many mentors in my career — people who had the grace and care to give their time to invest in me and my professional development when they weren't even getting paid to do it! It’s because of what these people ...more +

3 years ago

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