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CONTENT Rides Again

In June 2015, we launched a zine. Maybe you remember it? Well, we kept it going as-originally-designed for seven issues. But in the year 2019, we’ve changed up its format a bit. Less a zine, more a newspaper. Less punk, more yuppie. But like… in a cool way. But seriously, ...more +

2 years ago

How to Care About Data When You Don’t Believe in Math

Here are the titles of seven TED Talks:

 “Own your body’s data”“Why you should love statistics”“The quantified self”“The Mathematics of Love”“What’s so sexy about math?”“Turning powerful stats into art”“How we can find ourselves in data.” How we can find ourselves in data? I imagine a precocious young student digging his ...more +

2 years ago

Designers, Writers: You Need 2 Become 1

Man, each year, a new crop of young and hungry designers and writers graduate from college, put up bombass online portfolios with neato animated elements, and list out all of these new technical skills I haven’t even heard of. Like, aggregated-SEO-C++-analytics-on-rails. And there are maybe a few hours each June ...more +

2 years ago

The Best List is the Easiest List

I always have my eye out for a good decision-making framework, the simpler the better. Imagine my good fortune when this organizational treat from illustrator Julia Rothman fell from heaven directly into my Instagram feed. Of course I immediately began composing my own LESS/MORE list for 2019. In the past ...more +

2 years ago

Lessons I Learned From My Old Boss, Who Hated Me

Three days, nine hours, 12 people. That’s how many people it took and how many hours I spent interviewing for my first official job as an Account Coordinator at a small, boutique ad agency in Los Angeles. The agency was 21 people large, so I had, in essence, met with ...more +

2 years ago

Our Guide to Design Week Portland 2019

We look forward to Design Week every year up in the Portland office. While there are always a bunch of events on any given week – especially now that Design Portland is year round – it's incredible to have hundreds of options during one week to look forward to. Mark ...more +

2 years ago

The Psychology of Interviewing: RuNT Austin Recap

RuNT is always a big undertaking for our company. It’s also fun, worthwhile, rewarding, and each event ends up being among the highlights of our year. While I plan and curate the Portland events (with tons of help from my teammates, of course), I’d never made it down to Austin ...more +

2 years ago

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Some Liberty But Maybe Not Too Much!

I vacate my full-time job to freelance. I travel, work in coffee shops, wake up whenever I want. The freedom is a dream for about seven months. That’s when baristas start learning my name. With every new Starbucks I enter, I can feel the tile beneath my feet unearth. My ...more +

2 years ago

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