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Take Care of Yourself

Most of us are still at home, and we're not sure when that will end. While areas of the country are opening back up, most people in the professional creative spaces are staying home. Whether you're working or looking for work, it's important to take care of yourself. Most of ...more +

4 years ago

Three Creatives in the Age of COVID-19

It's a tough time for just about everyone these days. We can't think of anyone who's immune from these times, except perhaps David Geffen and his yacht. Professional creatives are certainly no exception; with so many industries turned upside down, those who make things for a living are finding themselves ...more +

4 years ago

Productive Procrastination

It’s been pretty tough to stay focused enough to even write this blog post. I know I’m not alone in that. We’re all having weird dreams that throw off our sleep, eating piles of sugar and flour that end up throwing off our endocrine systems, and perhaps drinking a little ...more +

4 years ago

Is LinkedIn the New LiveJournal? (No)

I never thought I’d write this, but damn, LinkedIn is filled with vulnerability right now. This has never been the case. We’ve all heard a lot about how social media isn’t real life, focusing especially on so-called selfie culture and influencer marketing, but LinkedIn always felt sheltered from such thinkpieces. ...more +

4 years ago

Uh Oh, Am I An Optimist Now?

As any one of my colleagues can tell you, I’m not big on positive thinking. I tend toward the negative, the cynical, and the worst case scenario. But I’ve found a bit of long dormant optimism in the last few weeks because… well, because the alternative doesn’t feel quite as ...more +

4 years ago

RuNT. A New Normal Recap

There’s no bad time to look at how we balance our lives with work, but there are events that demand we stop to take stock. Maybe we create a new human or gain direct reports or have a thriving project outside our day job; how the hell do we maintain ...more +

4 years ago

CONTENT Issue Nine

We made you another newspaper. Or zine, whatever you want to call it. Here it is as a PDF, but we highly recommend it in its intended physical form (get it in the mail by filling out this form*!). While we always like making analog goodies for you all, we ...more +

4 years ago

The Remote Work Revolution is Upon Us

This post originally appeared on our Written division's website. I’m lucky. I work for a company that understands a lot of good can be done from home while wearing athleisure or a full hazmat suit. You know who’s in trouble? Companies with restrictive (outdated?) policies around working remotely. This is ...more +

4 years ago

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