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M+P’s Guide to PDX Design Festival

At M+P, we love a good design festival. Whether it’s our years of Portland Design Weeks or our newer love, Austin Design Week, we always find a host of reasons to run around town learning new things and meeting new people. This year is no different, except for the name: ...more +

6 months ago

Copywriting Pairs. We Exist.

An interview with ourselves, by ourselves, and for ourselves, using redundant questions we’re tired of answering about our two-person copywriting microbusiness. (We wrote the questions, too). “Whoa there! You’re both copywriters? How does that even work?” R: Admittedly, I’m at my wit’s end on this one. The last time I ...more +

7 months ago

Baby, I’m Burnt Out

We’ve been hearing a lot about burnout lately (and for the last few years, as the pandemic has raged on). We’re all dealing with a global catastrophe, a planet in crisis, and endless human suffering while also making sure we show up for meetings on time. To put it plainly: ...more +

7 months ago

Ask M+P: Ghosting

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Welcome to Ask M+P, an advice column for creative professionals (and all professionals!)! Our Marketing Coordinator Jaade has thoughts, but so does our larger team. C’mon, it’ll be fun! (have a question? ask us!) Why did I get ghosted by my recruiter? Getting ghosted sucks, right? Believe ...more +

7 months ago

Help! My Neighbors Give Me Social Anxiety

It’s 8:30 AM. I’m walking my dog, carrying a mug of hot water, lemon, and a dash of pink salt (ask me about that later). My phone is at home, I’m embracing silence, and appreciating the stillness of the morning. “Hey! What’s that? Yerba mate?” It’s 8:31 AM. I’m walking ...more +

8 months ago

How Do We Figure Out What to Charge for Our Work, Anyway?

When a bunch of creatives get together to socialize, it’s pretty easy to exchange thoughts and hot takes around the Pantone Color of the Year or whether Comic Sans truly deserves the bad rap that it got, but you know what rarely gets discussed? How much we’re all charging for ...more +

8 months ago

7 Ways to Maintain Focus by Totally Fracturing It

I’ve taken enough cult-fitness classes to know that “focus your attention” can be used to motivate you to do just about anything. (Have you taken the one where you do aerobics on top of a vibrating plate? It’s called PlateFit.) But focus is easier mantra’ed than done. Focus very well ...more +

9 months ago

Using Human Design to Understand & Work With Your Team

I started a new job recently and was asked to share a fun fact. I’m a trained Human Design reader, I shared... ...not to impress people or to garner a few new clients. I wanted to share something fun (that was the prompt!) and to give my new teammates deeper ...more +

10 months ago

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