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Potestio Ponders: Recruiters (and Management) Need to Do Better

Years ago, I wrote this article about the negative effect the staffing industry can have on people when the industry puts profits over people. With a slumping economy in many sectors and the need to drive revenue as strong as ever, I am hearing about a lot of bad behavior from recruiters. ...more +

6 months ago

I’m Obsessed with Blue Light and You Should Be Too

Who needs to see the world through rose-colored glasses when you can see everything with a yellow tint instead?! The world of biohacking is overwhelming to say the least. From infrared saunas to intermittent fasting, there is no shortage of wellness fads out there telling us that we can live ...more +

6 months ago

Our First Round of Goals for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Back in June, we told you we’d have some concrete changes to announce in September. Ever the humans of our word, we’re back with just that. We are under no illusions that this will fundamentally change inequities in our country or the world, but the process of coming to these ...more +

7 months ago

Making Ourselves Clear

We've been quiet so that we could listen. But it doesn't serve our community to simply listen and learn; we want to make ourselves clear. Black lives matter to Mathys+Potestio—to our employees personally, to our society as a whole, and to our business. The brutal violence we've witnessed recently is ...more +

11 months ago


We're still in it. There's endless uncertainty, people are still waiting for stimulus checks or sitting in the unemployment queue. But there's also been some time to get used to this new normal: we've had a couple months of layoffs (or watching our friends and loved ones being laid off) and ...more +

11 months ago

Take Care of Yourself

Most of us are still at home, and we're not sure when that will end. While areas of the country are opening back up, most people in the professional creative spaces are staying home. Whether you're working or looking for work, it's important to take care of yourself. Most of ...more +

11 months ago

Three Creatives in the Age of COVID-19

It's a tough time for just about everyone these days. We can't think of anyone who's immune from these times, except perhaps David Geffen and his yacht. Professional creatives are certainly no exception; with so many industries turned upside down, those who make things for a living are finding themselves ...more +

12 months ago

Productive Procrastination

It’s been pretty tough to stay focused enough to even write this blog post. I know I’m not alone in that. We’re all having weird dreams that throw off our sleep, eating piles of sugar and flour that end up throwing off our endocrine systems, and perhaps drinking a little ...more +

12 months ago

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