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Fired. Not Hired.

Sometimes I think I may be the most qualified person to own an employment agency on the planet. If a good education and knowledge comes from the school of hard knocks, I should know a thing or two about work and working. To wit: I’ve been fired multiple times (including ...more +

2 years ago

8 Lessons I Have Learned From My Most Annoying Coworkers

I’ve been blessed with a lot of coworkers. Many were wonderful people who propelled me to be so much better at my job. Others dwelled in the middle ground, neither adding to my work life nor subtracting from it. We often made small talk together in the break room. And ...more +

2 years ago

Portland Cre8Con Recap

A couple weeks back, I went to the Portland Creative Conference (aka Cre8Con), a full day of talks from creative luminaries. Film, television, advertising, shoe design, game design, music, and writing; all were represented. Cre8Con thoroughly impressed me with its lineup, first and foremost, but also with its organization – contained ...more +

2 years ago

8 Networking Tips for Socially Awkward Weirdos

I used to hate networking. I used to hate going to events littered with a bunch of impressive-looking people in power poses, laughing with each other because everyone already knows each other and nobody knows me because I am a big loser. Believe it or not, nowadays, I love networking. ...more +

2 years ago

RuNT. Design Thinking (and Lies) Recap

Our third Austin RuNT was a huge success all thanks to our amazing speakers and sponsors. It was a packed house at Brew & Brew to mingle, drink, eat, and listen to Rose Newton and Elayna Spratley share their knowledge on design thinking and how they’ve successfully built the careers ...more +

2 years ago

Work on Your Relationship to Money Before You Negotiate Your Salary

Negotiating your salary can be an overwhelming proposition for anyone looking to increase their compensation, but it can be especially daunting for creatives who put their heart and soul into their work. You may feel as if you’re negotiating the worth of your art. Specifically, it can feel hard because ...more +

2 years ago

The Ten Commandments of Mural Painting

Why paint murals outside? It’s fun, challenging, activates your problem solving brain, and gives you the kind of public interaction, instant feedback, and visibility that painting by yourself in your garage can’t. I’ve been painting a bunch at what has become a favorite construction walkway in Austin and have picked ...more +

2 years ago

Potestio Ponders: “I Hate Your Industry”

“I hate your industry.” That’s what you want to hear at a networking event attended by other business owners. And I heard it not just once, but twice in two days. The staffing/recruitment industry has that effect on people. It comes down to profit over people, profit over service, and ...more +

2 years ago

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